Top 3 Manager Skills

Organizations need to rely more heavily on their people to respond to the changing business reality.

Finding and keeping people is more important than ever and the role of the manager is central to responding to these challenges. Knightsbridge believes that building the capabilities of your people is fundamental to drive performance and innovation, and maintain a competitive advantage.

While there are many skills managers need, if there were just 3 you had to choose to develop, what would they be?

Knightsbridge have been working with managers for many years.  Here are the top three skills we feel managers should develop first:

  1. Personal brand: Managers need to gain self-awareness and have a defined and consistent view of themselves – who they are and how they want to show up. Knowing and living one’s ‘brand’ builds internal fortitude and external credibility. Managers need to internalize and demonstrate their unique brand to build followership.  Also, as managers mature within an organization, managing personal brand increases in importance as it helps build a sphere of influence. Having a personal brand is not optional; managing it is.
  2. Setting clear objectives: Effective managers ensure people have clarity about their role, objectives, and deliverables. Developing the art of having authentic conversations eliminates ambiguity and helps people understand how they contribute to both their teams and the organization at large.
  3. Storytelling: Remember bedtime stories and the powerful imagery? The art of leadership and management includes the ability to ‘weave a tale’ that engages, motivates, and inspires. A good manager can tell a good story. Storytelling gives context and adds meaning; it helps strengthen the links between individual teams and bigger organizational goals. Effective managers need to learn how to connect in a more meaningful and intimate way with people to achieve buy-in and commitment.  

What do you think are the top skills needed to be a high-impact manager? What skills do you see in your organization that managers need most? 

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