Do You Know What Your Career Networth Is?

June 4, 2014 Diane Cobbold

I recently read a blog by Alex Malley called “You’re hired! The six characteristics I look for in a job applicant”. Beyond experience and education, Alex outlines the things that differentiate the ideal candidate from the competition. The qualities he references include everything from being opinionated to being open to your mistakes.


Alex’s post got me thinking about the question, “Do you know what the net worth of your career experience is?”

Completing an online salary survey may be a good starting point, but it will only provide a one dimensional perspective, as it’s not designed to be a holistic assessment of your total career net worth. A more comprehensive appraisal should consider the sum of:

  • your skills (learned, transferable, and innate);
  • your life and work-related experiences;
  • your personal and work related accomplishments;
  • your training and education; and
  • your individual traits and characteristics.

Assigning value to some of these factors will be quite easy, while assigning value to the more abstract assets may prove more difficult. Most individuals focus on factors like training, education, and worked-related experiences/skills. While these elements create a solid foundation for understanding your career net worth, you should not discount any non-traditional skills, attributes, or knowledge that you may possess as these are likely the things that could help you to stand out to a potential employer. Examples of non-traditional assets include:

  • having lived or worked abroad;
  • extensive travel experience;
  • volunteering;
  • speaking multiple languages;
  • experience as a competitive athlete; and
  • experience leading or refereeing community sports.

Through these types of experiences you will likely have acquired skills like dealing with ambiguity, increased adaptability, passion, leadership, and cultural acuity. And depending on your career choice these skills could increase your opportunity for success and your career net worth to an organization.

By the time you’ve completed a second interview with an organization, you should have a strong understanding of the core competencies of the position you are interviewing for, which makes this an ideal time to review your career net worth and decide which experiences, skills, and traits you should to emphasize during the interview process. 

Taking the time to identify these assets will help differentiate you from the competition and give the interviewer a better understanding of your overall value to the organization.

About the Author

Diane Cobbold

Diane Cobbold is VP of Business Development in Lee Hecht Harrison Knightsbridge’s Career Solutions Practice. Diane has over 20 years of experience working with HR teams to develop career solutions that support departing and retained employees to realize their career goals through traditional programs and virtual resources.

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