Coming Soon: The Second Edition of The Leadership Contract

December 4, 2015 Vince Molinaro


Coming Soon: The Second Edition of The Leadership Contract

If you follow my Gut Check blogs, you know 2015 has been a busy year for me. In April, Knightsbridge was acquired by Adecco and Lee Hecht Harrison. My colleagues and I dove right into the important work critical to ensure a successful integration. In October, I began a new Global role leading the Strategic Solutions area for Lee Hecht Harrison.

In the midst of all of this, I was working on another important project – the second edition of my New York Times bestselling book, The Leadership Contract. It will be released by my publisher, John Wiley and Sons, in early January.

Since the first release, it has been both gratifying and humbling to see the ideas of the book strike a chord with so many leaders around the world.

My team and I have been fortunate to see many companies and their leaders embrace leadership accountability.  Here are some examples:

  • Many companies have created their own leadership contract. These organizations recognized that they haven’t done a great job of setting clear expectations for their leaders. I believe if you want your leaders to truly step up, you need to set clear expectations. An organizational leadership contract is a simple and practical way to do this. In fact, click here to read about a client story.
  • Leaders have recommitted to their roles. It’s been fascinating to see how leaders, after participating in our one-day Leadership Contract workshop, acquire new insights and a renewed sense of commitment to their roles. They really want to step up and be the best leaders they can be. It’s a noticeable shift in their personal level of accountability.
  • Companies and leaders are no longer tolerating mediocrity. Far too many organizations tolerate mediocre leadership. After committing to the Leadership Contract, huge strides are being made in eliminating lame leadership. Organizations and their leaders are setting the bar higher, and recognizing that we all pay a huge price when we don’t have effective leaders in place.

In addition to the above examples, we also conducted research earlier this year in partnership with HRPS (Human Resources People & Strategy). The findings confirmed and validated many of the book’s ideas. For example, in the survey of senior executives we found that close to 75% believe that leadership accountability is indeed a critical business issue. Only 37% of them are satisfied with the degree of accountability being demonstrated by their leaders. Just over half of the organizations believe they have done an effective job of setting clear leadership expectations. If you are interested in learning more you can download the final report by clicking here.

By now you might be asking yourself, so what can I expect to see in the second edition of The Leadership Contract?

First off, there are many new stories based on our client work and examples from the world of business. Many readers commented how much they enjoyed the stories in the first edition. Now I’ve crammed in even more, while keeping some of my favorites.

Second, each chapter ends with a set of Gut Check questions so you can reflect on the ideas and how they relate to your own leadership experience. Think of it as not just reading a book, but taking part in your own development program.

Third, I’ve included more insights about how leaders can apply the four terms of the Leadership Contract at an individual level. There is a personal workbook that readers will be able to download to help them apply the ideas.

Finally, I’ve written a completely new chapter on how organizations can embed the ideas of The Leadership Contract into their organizations. I present four strategies to really drive strong leadership accountability. All these ideas are based on proven approaches already applied by many of our clients.

My team and I are working now on our game plan to support the launch of the book.  This will involve webinars, events for LHH customers, and conference keynote speeches. It will have a global focus and it will be exciting to bring the book’s ideas to more leaders and companies worldwide. Keep checking in for updates as I may see you in a city near you at some point in 2016.



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