My new company. Meet 3COze Inc.

December 13, 2015 3coze

I have BIG news! I’m so excited to officially share with you plans that have been in the works for a while now. My husband, Craig Easdon, and I have teamed up and started our own firm.

I feel like I’m writing a birth announcement. “Liane Davey and Craig Easdon are pleased to announce the birth of their third-born child.”

What we know so far…

From the very first moment 3COze became a twinkle in our eyes, there have been three things we’ve known about it.

  1. We’re on a mission (like the Blues Brothers). Our mission is to radically transform the way people communicate, connect, and contribute so they can achieve amazing things together. (It’s the communicate, connect, and contribute that lead to the name 3COze, in which COze rhymes with goes)
  2. We’re going to use every method available to teach people how to get comfortable being uncomfortable, because we know that once they are, anything is possible.
  3. We will use this platform to give back to our community. We’ll donate one day each month to a worthy cause nominated by YOU. You heard that right. We want you to tell us about the amazing not-for-profit organizations that would benefit from our help. We’ll let you know where we’re going to be and you can send in your nominations. (More to come on that.)


I invite you to poke around the site (it’s still under construction, so let us know when you find something not working) and see what we’re up to.

What about ChangeYourTeam?

ChangeYourTeam is a labor of love for me and I’m as committed to it as ever. There are just going to be a few little changes. First, the blog has moved over to our new site here at Second, I’m going to increase the amount of video content on the blog to keep things feeling fresh and to add a more personal touch in responding to the questions you send in. Finally, Craig is going to join me to blog about his insights from the coaching chair.

What won’t change is my dedication to bringing you ideas, tips, and tools to change your team for the better. You can still expect the tough love, hopefully delivered with heart and a little humor that has been the hallmark of ChangeYourTeam since its inception in 2012.

I want to close by thanking the team at Knightsbridge (now LHH Knightsbridge) that has been my family for 10 amazing years. I had the chance to work with the smartest, nicest, funniest, and most caring group of people anyone could have the privilege to work with. None of what I’m doing now would have been possible without them and they’ve been nothing but supportive of my new passion project. My friends at LHH are doing really cool work so you can expect to see lots of links over to their posts as we find innovative ways to team up that are possible in this new world that rewards collaboration over competition.

So that’s it for me other than one last plea to join in the conversation as we shape this new company. It’s your questions, comments, and suggestions that will bring 3COze to life, so I urge you to participate actively. Tell us what services your organization needs, comment on the blog, contact us with questions, share on social media and help us grow the community of people who want to help us change the world one team at a time.



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