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August 14, 2014 Vince Molinaro

Great question Jenny. To me that answer starts at the beginning. How do you need your leaders to act differently as a result of the Leader Forum? Once you are clear on that, then it becomes the theme you drive relentlessly at the event. Then you come back to it as the call of action. Identify how they must act differently in tangible and behavioral ways. Make sure it’s no more that two or three asks. In fact, the best CEOs always manage to crystalize the call to action into one powerful statement. Once that is articulated, make sure you then have your leaders go back to their teams and communicate the same message. By doing this you have an instant and powerful way of shifting the entire organization – quickly and in an aligned manner.

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Vince Molinaro

Vince Molinaro is the Global Managing Director of Strategic Solutions at Lee Hecht Harrison. He is also the author of The Leadership Contract – a New York Times and USA Today bestseller. Vince has spent more than 20 years as an adviser to boards and senior executives looking to improve leadership in their organizations.

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