Measuring the Effectiveness of Coaching: The So-What?

August 19, 2014 Tracy Cocivera

So you have done all the work to measure the impact of coaching. The finance department is happy that your investment has paid off, but how do you really get the most of the effort you have invested? It’s not just about the numbers; it’s about improving the process. Here are some ideas for leveraging the coaching data to improve the process, the coaches and your organization.

  • Make Changes to Process.  Even if your program is working there is always room for continuous improvement. Even the best initiatives can become stale because they haven’t evolved with the business. Make sure you use the feedback provided by participants to advance your process and ensure it continues to meet the organization’s needs.
  • Give Coaches Feedback.  An instrumental part of the coaching process is providing feedback; and coaches too can benefit from specific and timely feedback. Often coaches are ‘coaching in a vacuum’ and they don’t have a true sense of the impact. Taking the time to provide both positive and constructive feedback can help them hone their skills.
  • Summarize Results and Share with Key Stakeholders.  Share any insights you have gleaned on the impact of coaching on the coaching client, their team and the organization.  Sharing wins will help to support the coaching culture in your organization. If leaders know coaching has impact they are more likely to invest the time in actively supporting it.
  • Use Organizational Themes to Make Internal Changes. In our last blog, we talked about collecting organizational themes that emerge through coaching multiple leaders (insert link to blog).  Now, it is time to use these insights.  For example, if you find that many leaders in your organization struggle with holding others accountable you can design targeted initiatives that address this gap (e.g., leadership development program; peer coaching).

This is the end of our series on measuring the effectiveness of coaching.  We have shared best practices around evaluating coaching effectiveness, including; what to measure, how to measure, and how to implement the learnings.  We hope these doable ideas have motivated you to start evaluating the effectiveness of your own coaching initiatives.  

About the Author

Tracy Cocivera

Dr. Tracy Cocivera is a Business Psychologist and a Principal with Lee Hecht Harrison Knightsbridge Leadership Solutions. For over 12 years, Tracy has contributed to the success of leaders and their teams across many industries, including retail, technology, financial services, and energy and natural resources From established executives to emerging executives, Tracy partners with her clients to help them manage their organization and their careers in order to achieve significant business results.

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