Kick Your Own &$*

October 16, 2014 Tara Veysey

I was recently re-reading a book by Jeffrey Gitomer and came to the principle: Kick Your Own &$*. I was struck by the power and simplicity of this principle because it’s one that we can all easily remember. The principle goes beyond the focus of the book, building a business, and extends to many other aspects of our lives: cleaning out the dreaded closet, dieting, and your exercise regime. In essence the principle is about how we decide to take personal accountability and ownership for what and how we go about living our own lives and taking action.

Whether you are in between jobs, looking for more out of your current role, or contemplating a move to another organization, here are 10 suggestions for Kicking Your Own &$* to take control of your career:

  • Stop playing it safe and start playing to win by taking on a significant career challenge.
  • Admit your mistakes, learn from them, and don’t make them again.
  • Remove a time-sucking activity (e.g., watching TV or Facebook) and replace it with researching a person, company, or industry you’d like to know better.
  • Journal your peak moments, the ones where you are firing on all cylinders, and share them.
  • Proactively learn about ‘the shiny new object’ within your organization and figure out how to become part of it.
  • Hone your personal brand, it’s already there, so own and tweak it by asking for feedback.
  • Network everywhere: your work cubicle, cross-department, and outside the organization to connect and stay connected.
  • Share your goals with your leader - they aren’t mind readers.
  • Maintain a positive attitude (it’s contagious!): I can, I will, and I am.
  • And finally, repeat the mantra: you are the one that has control over your career, not your boss, the organization, or your colleagues

What have you done in the past to kick your own career &$*?

About the Author

Tara Veysey

Tara Veysey is a Senior Consultant at Lee Hecht Harrison Knightsbridge. She is an experienced facilitator and coach in the areas of career transition and management. Tara works with executives, senior leaders, and senior-level technical individual contributors where she excels in helping individuals understand their potential, how to position themselves in the world of work, and creating action plans for success.

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