Comment on Do You Suck The Oxygen Out Of The Room? by Leon Mills

January 18, 2014 Leon Mills

Hello Vince:

Like Tiina, I’ve had the good fortune to work mostly for effective leaders that had a low-key personal style. Also like Tiina, I’ve had the loud, bombastic, look-at-me type as well, and without a doubt, I prefer the former leadership style. I would classify my leadership style as supportive and nurturing and the notion that – we’re all in this together – at least I try for this, and it appears to be an effective one, based on the feedback I receive and results our team achieves. There are two related leadership approaches that the more self-centered, bombastic leaders might consider using; the first is that a good leader knows when to follow, and the second is that sometimes an effective leader leads best by quiet example. Keep on leading Vince.

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