Case Study: Ensuring High Employee Engagement Post Acquisition


Following a series of acquisitions — and waves of organizational restructurings — one of North America’s largest insurance companies wasn’t surprised to see a decline in employee engagement. After so much change and turmoil, employees were unsure of which career paths were available or how to pursue potential opportunities.

The organization needed to win back the trust and confidence of its employees, who were critical to its long-term growth. To show them that the company offered significant career growth and was committed to their success, we developed a customized Career Management program that empowered employees to manage their careers in a way that fit their needs — through face-to-face workshops, online modules and other resources — and provided guidance to managers on how to have effective career coaching conversations.

The result? Engagement has improved, and more people are applying for jobs internally. Employees recognize the company’s commitment to their growth — its focus on building something great, for both clients and its people.

Business Situation

One of North America’s fastest-growing providers of home, auto, and business insurance had made a number of major acquisitions, which resulted in multiple rounds of rightsizing.

Not surprisingly, after the dust had settled, the firm experienced a decline in employee engagement —the turmoil of the previous years had caused employees to disengage due to their uncertainty about future career prospects at the company, which was putting long-term success at risk.

Our Point of View

Following years of significant change and layoffs, remaining employees were uncertain and anxious. The company needed to win their trust, instill confidence and create a “one company” culture. 

An organization-wide career management program would help employees see not just the broad range of new opportunities available, but also the organization’s commitment to their professional development and growth. 

How We Helped

We partnered with HR to conduct a “Career Resources Audit,” reviewing the tools each business unit had available. We discovered a rich offering that just needed to be centrally housed and promoted to increase awareness of the tools available. We then designed, developed and implemented a custom career management program on two levels:

For employees: Career management workshops and centralized access to online assessment tools.

For managers: Coaching and tip sheets on how to have critical conversations with employees about their careers.

Sustainable Impact

Employees and managers enthusiastically embraced the new program — employees now have the support they need to make decisions about their careers, leading to more internal job applications and higher engagement scores. By certifying trainers in the HR department to coach managers on their own, we ensured the program’s sustainability and long-term success.

We’re now building on its success by providing career coaching and assessments to managers, helping them identify areas for improvement and accelerating their development.


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