Case Study: Recruiting Leaders to Drive Change & Global Growth


One of North America’s largest fast food companies was suffering from lacklustre results and an unsuccessful expansion. They knew they needed to change their organization structure to accelerate growth, and that this would require developing new roles, changing existing ones and bringing in external talent to meet new business needs in areas such as digital marketing. They needed to quickly fill 19 roles at both the executive and managerial level across the organization, and position the new hires for success.

We filled all 19 roles within 6 months with leaders who could hit the ground running. The result? An organization that was ready and able to execute its new business strategy, fast.

Business Situation

A leading fast food company enlisted a strategy consulting firm to improve its organizational structure in the wake of lackluster performance. The consultants determined that the company needed to develop new roles, change existing ones and bring in new talent that didn’t exist internally.

This was the first time in the company’s history that they’d be bringing on so many new people at once, and the stakes were high.

Our Point of View

To get the talent it needed, a seamless recruitment strategy was just the first step. Equally important was positioning internal and external new hires for success from Day 1. That meant accurately assessing the candidates and developing a comprehensive onboarding strategy to ensure the new executives and managers — not just those we recruited, but those brought on by the internal HR team as well — would hit the ground running and succeed in driving change within the company’s well-established family culture.

How We Helped

With all the changes happening at the company, we developed a comprehensive recruitment program — from the Executives to mangers — that guaranteed efficient execution and peace-of-mind.

Led by Recruitment Partners with industry expertise, we held strategic discussions with key decision makers to ensure everyone was on the same page about talent needs. They needed people with experience in areas such as digital marketing and consumer insights — things the company had never done before. 

We put all the candidates through leadership assessments to ensure a thorough understanding of their leadership capabilities — which was so successful that it was embedded into the company’s overall recruitment process. To position the new hires as well as their managers for success, we developed an onboarding process that ensured new hires could fulfill their role in the organization, and hiring managers could have full confidence in their abilities.

Sustainable Impact

With our integrated recruiting and assessment expertise, we addressed two different levels of talent recruitment (executive and managerial) to quickly close all 19 searches across multiple locations and functional areas.

Through our assessments and onboarding process, we positioned the candidates for success from start to finish. We identified gaps in the company’s internal recruiting processes and stepped in with a customized onboarding solution for the broader organization. Hiring managers saw the impact of the assessments in helping to select the right individual as well as ensuring successful onboarding to increase retention.  

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