Control Your Temptations Or They Will Control You

April 28, 2014 Vince Molinaro

Control Your Temptations

In my last blog, I wrote about how the drama surrounding City of Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford is being played out on a world stage. But he’s not the only one. Other recent stories of leaders like Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner show how bad leadership behavior can severely undermine the trust and confidence that people have in a leader.

In Spitzer’s case, a propensity to consort with escorts cost him a job as governor of New York. In Weiner’s case, it cost him his run for the mayor’s job of New York City.

However, this is not a fate suffered just by politicians; business leaders are just as vulnerable. People still talk about former Hewlett Packard CEO Mark Hurd, who was unceremoniously dumped in 2010 after he was accused of sexual harassment by a female marketing consultant. The termination not only hurt Hurd’s career; many industry observers believe H.P. has never recovered from losing a dynamic leader like Hurd.

Many business leaders have the power, influence and money to engage in all kinds of vices. However, only a true leader is smart enough to resist those temptations. And as a leader if you don’t manage your temptations, they will end up controlling you and your fate.

So what can we do as leaders?

Honest Self-Assessment

The first step begins with an honest self-assessment to understand what tempts you. Is it power, money, greed, success, and fame? Is it sex, alcohol or drugs?  It’s important that you are absolutely open to confronting these issues with yourself.

Establish a Confidant to Call You Out

The next step is to identify one or two close confidants who will not be afraid to give you the straight goods should you ever stray by any temptation. Too many times powerful leaders are surrounded by a bubble where those closest to them tell them only what they want to hear, rather than what they need to hear.

Get Help

Finally, if you succumb, get help before your vice brings you down. The world today is more complex than ever before. The pressures leaders face day to day are intense and real. You can understand how one can succumb in a time of weakness. As a result, you need to manage your temptations before they do you in.

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