Comment on Why Does The CEO Office Have A Revolving Door? by Chris Wignall

April 28, 2014 Chris Wignall

Short Term leadership is a recipe for organizational mediocrity. Leaders are hired essentially to apply a specific bag of tricks to address a particular weakness in the organization. They essentially fill the role not as a true lead employee but as a full time consultant. Instead of developing meaningful strategy, they can approach the organization as an isolated project. They aren’t truly responsible for broad results or organizational culture.
I see this as a trend in corporations, but also in charities and churches.
The unseen impact of this pattern is that the leaders never develop their skills or character beyond repeating the same essential influence in a series of appointments. They don’t require deep, impactful relationships or personal growth.
Transitional leadership can achieve a B+ organization, but only long terms can bring about truly healthy organizations or leaders.

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