Comment on The Leader Who Whines & Complains – Part 1 of 2 by colin thrasher

April 28, 2014 colin thrasher

It sounds to me like this individual has become misaligned with senior management. I agree with comments in earlier posts that suggest he must complete some type of combined self/organizational assessment. His current symptoms suggest is potentially at risk of becoming a detractor (if not there already) and depending on his role, his disposition could become very toxic to the culture and result in a very unfortunate end to his career. He needs to first diagnose he root cause of his discontent, and ensure he makes a conscious effort to communicate this to someone in senior management with some thoughts on how to improve the root cause, and what he is prepared to do improve the “issue”; including the support he requires to accomplish this improvement. Assuming his recent decline in engagement is related to something at work, the terms of his “contract” require him to take ownership of the resolution, and the “contract” of his leaders require them to support him. Chances are he is not alone in his discontent and there is larger problem in the company, that is probably impacting the effectiveness of other leaders. His responsibility is to.try and identify it, communicate, escalate, and provide some thoughts on actionable resolution. I’d start with culture.

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