Comment on Do You Suck The Oxygen Out Of The Room? by Tiina

April 28, 2014 Tiina

Hi Vince…I have had the great good fortune to have worked with and for some great leaders. I have also worked for one who really did ‘suck the oxygen out of the room”. I now viscerally understand what it can feel like to work for a bad leader. It really does physically feel like you can’t breathe and the continual lack of oxygen eventually leaves you with no brain power. You start to lose your capacity to think straight and in the process become ineffective. If you remain long enough in an environment with a lack of oxygen, you die….metaphorically and sometimes physically. Think of working with one of these leaders like living in the ‘Death Zone’ on Mount Everest. Every moment in the Death Zone is a step closer to death. If you work for one of these leaders you have to ask yourself firstly, how long you are going to subject yourself to the agony? Secondly, are you taking the courageous leadership actions to try and change the environment? And….if you are one of the leaders that is creating this environment for others then shame on you…. is this really how you want to impact other people?

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Do You Suck The Oxygen Out Of The Room?
Do You Suck The Oxygen Out Of The Room?

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