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April 28, 2014 Leon Mills

Hello Vince:

This should prove to be an interesting topic and will likely produce some excellent feedback, at least I hope it will. It seems to me, based on personal experience and what I see n in various media, that there are far too many leaders who are in need of a gut check. I think that many leaders, especially those who are ego driven have such a high opinion of themselves, it may never occur to them that there is something wrong with their leadership style or personality, while many others may indeed know exactly what their leadership style and personality is, and just don’t care what others think. However, it occurs to me to wonder something about a gut check for leaders – those leaders who are most likely to participate in a gut check probably don’t really need one, while those who are most in need of one likely wouldn’t participate or even think that they need to. However, sometimes, others of higher authority (boards?), or deteriorating circumstances will force leaders to conduct a gut check. Whether it proves useful or not is another question to be answered, but it doesn’t seem to be working so far with a certain mayor whom we all know about, at least, not publicly. Happy Friday Everyone!

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