Comment on ‘Too Strong’ is Just Another Way of Saying ‘Weak’ by Leon Mills

April 28, 2014 Leon Mills

Hello Vince:

I found your article to be quite interesting and I have to agree with you. We’ve all known those types of leaders whose leadership style is often generously called ‘too strong’, and away from the public, we call it something not so nice. I have to share something with you that I saw on the internet this weekend which was a top-ten list of professions with the largest number of psychopathic murders and # 1 was, you guessed it – CEOs. Scary isn’t it? It leaves one to wonder about some of those ‘over-the-top leaders we all known or have read about and hopefully don’t work for. Bye for now!

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‘Too Strong’ is Just Another Way of Saying ‘Weak’
‘Too Strong’ is Just Another Way of Saying ‘Weak’

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